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Meet your publishing goals with my editorial services. Let me make your documents more accessible to your readers. Through technical training, experience, and up-to-date software, I provide clear, concise, and consistent results.


I had the pleasure of working with Joanna on an assessment-writing project for a course on dental assisting. Joanna adapted quickly to my company’s stringent assessment writing guidelines and produced high quality competency-based items. I recommend her work to anyone looking for a quick study with an excellent work ethic.
— Mona C. Meyer, Senior Manager, A Pass Educational Group LLC
I’ve known Joanna for 3 years now and having seen her work ethic, attention to detail and her integrity, I would recommend carets + locators for your next creative project to make it a success. Joanna is very knowledgeable, confident and resourceful, but also a pleasure to work with.
— Mark Palmer, owner of Moto Power Design
I had an idea for a novel about youth culture and urban living. In one of the chapters, I wanted to have a character that was very informed about food and grew her own food in her backyard. Joanna was my source of information regarding research into healthy eating. She described how and what food could be grown in a typical downtown backyard garden and what couldn’t and what would be in season. This allowed me to add verisimilitude to my characters and make them more believable to the reader.

Joanna also helped me with editing the same chapter she had given me background information on. She suggested changes in form for clarity and punctuation as well as in content for what vegetables could best be grown next to each other. This helped me add credibility to the character as well as clean up my prose for better readability.
— Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos

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